Whether you are a journalist, entrepreneur, independent publisher, documentary maker or media pioneer: your stories matter.

The stories you tell matter. And so does your own. In a rapidly changing media landscape, building engaged communities is key. Truly connecting with audiences is not just essential but wonderful too. They care about your stories as subscribers, members, supporters, or even co-owners of your journalism platform. And when you share why you tell the stories they do, magic happens. The ‘story behind the story’ becomes visible and people feel compelled to support you and your mission.

As a journalism community builder, I help you to bring your audiences on board – not just with your stories but with your media organisation, film, project or online community. Two decades working with independent media internationally have helped me understand many of the challenges we face. Uncertainties in the business model, ever-changing consumption patterns, fragmented audiences, new technologies, lack of public trust in media and a journalism landscape that is under threat from multiple directions -increasingly online.

Innovating journalism takes many shapes and forms. What has not changed is the need for voices to be heard, truth to be told, wrongdoings to be investigated, solutions to be offered alongside of problems.

My mission is to ignite and inspire you so that your stories can do the same for others. We get to the bottom of what makes you and your journalistic organisation unique so that we can best tell the story of you. Once people understand why you do what you do, they are much more likely to care, share and support. They will want to help you make an impact with your journalism. Engaging in this process often has an energising, spark-igniting effect for all involved.