Danielle Batist

Journalist, inspired by changemakers.


I write and edit in English and Dutch. Alongside journalistic assignments I also provide old and new media organisations with consultancy on innovation. I teach ‘journopreneur‘ skills, including crowdfunding, deliver media workshops and launch and manage editorial projects using the latest digital storytelling tools. From my base in London I work for a range of local, national and international clients.

Beyond covering problems, I focus on highlighting solutions. These often include the work of social entrepreneurs and other changemakers around the world.

I love bringing stories to the world and finding the appropriate platforms to do so. The transformation of traditional media fascinates rather than scares me.  While both the medium and the message are changing, the need for good storytelling remains.

Email: mail(at)daniellebatist.com | Skype: daniellebatist | Twitter: @daniellebatist


“Informal yet professional, fascinating and inspiring; Danielle’s workshop was pitch perfect for the aspiring journalist. Great tips, even better contacts and an eye-opening insight into storytelling as a job.”  – Read more nice things people said about my work…