Nice to meet you! I am an independent writer, editor and ‘journopreneur‘, which essentially means I take an entrepreneurial approach to journalism. I am also the co-founder of the Constructive Journalism Project which aims to change news values across the industry.

Over the last 16 years in journalism, my work has largely focused on social change and ideas that work. I lived in the Netherlands, South Africa, Namibia, Denmark, Australia, Scotland, Wales and England and reported from many more countries, including India, Brazil and Greece. I am grateful to have witnessed the birth of the nation of South Sudan and to have interviewed the Dalai Lama.

As an entrepreneur and consultant, I am constantly looking for ways to innovate journalism itself. Example: I helped a documentary photographer fund the entire print run of her book through crowdfunding. And I led a campaign to successfully re-invent the business model of a 22-year-old newspaper. After raising over a quarter of a million pounds in 30 days, the world’s first positive newspaper is now a magazine, owned by its readers and journalists.

How I got here…

I graduated from the Utrecht School of Journalism (the Netherlands) with a BA degree specialising in newspaper reporting. I moved from regional to national publications until I realised that both the ‘news’ and ‘paper’ parts of the medium were dying out. It was time to broaden the horizons.

After some years in newsrooms, I completed a Master’s degree in Journalism and Media within Globalisation (Aarhus University/ Swansea University), specialising in War & Conflict studies. My MA thesis ‘SW Radio Africa and the challenges of operating a Zimbabwean exile radio station in London’ earned me a Distinction and was published by the Journal of African Media Studies.

For the next three years, I was the Editor of INSP, a network of 120 street papers sold by homeless people, with a readership of 6 million in over 40 countries. I am proud to have developed the network’s news agency, which secured contributions from Prince William and Paulo Coelho and was nominated for awards alongside the Guardian and Reuters.

After switching languages, tools, platforms, jobs, countries, genres and skills, I eventually settled on a journalistic mix that looks something like this:

I live in London, but continue to be inspired by changemakers everywhere.


“Danielle’s strength is that she instantly picks out what makes your journalism project unique and knows how to translate that into a compelling story to gain the necessary support. She generates the traffic, and ultimately knows how to convert visitors into paying backers of the project.”
 – More nice things people said about working with me.